Sunday, April 26, 2009

Conquering Croissants

Hello Baking Beauties,

I am sure you all have seen that the next challenge (and it is indeed a challenge) is croissants.
I would really love you all to try this out. As is mentioned in the cookbook, the recipe is detailed enough that first timers can be successful, so I really do expect to find that each one of you have updated your blogs next Sunday with your results.

Just a quick note, the recipe mentions compressed fresh yeast. No need to worry, you may substitute dry yeast (regular or quick rise). Use 3 1/2tsp of the dry yeast and mix with the warmed milk to activate it.

Good Luck Ladies!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like a Rollling Scone

Hey Baking Beauties!

Just a quick little note to everyone for this week's recipe. I have been asked if we are allowed to alter the recipe by adding other ingredients.
For sure! You guys need to enjoy what you are baking, and it's not as if you are altering the technique we are using - so use your creative juices!

Can't wait to see everyone's results on Sunday!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!