Thursday, September 9, 2010

Falling Temperatures...

The recent heatwave is now a distant memory, replaced by drizzle, winds and cooling temperatures.
It has me thinking about all things autumn; pumpkin spice lattes, hallowe'en, baked pasta and hearty stews & soups.
So, the new round of recipes posted for our challenges reflect my mood change. I am just hoping that the heat doesn't return before we get through them!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bite Me

I am not trying to be rude... believe me. I am just introducing everyone to our new cookbook that we are working through.

I know a few of you have gone ahead and started testing out some recipes already - to great results I hear! This is wonderful. I have heard nothing but great things about this book and am extremely excited to cook and bake my way from cover to cover.

I have updated the schedule of recipes to complete, which brings us into September (oh my, fall already?!). So let's get cooking ladies!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're Back!

After a loooooooooong hiatus, we are ready to relaunch the baking/cooking challenge we started over a year ago.

What can I say?
I don't mean to rhyme,
but life got in the way.

I returned to work after being off on maternity leave only to find out that we would be having another baby in March! Now you can see why I was busy.
Anyways, we are ready to return to indulging in baking, for now. I say for now because we will be making a switch.

Baking Beauties will soon also be Cooking Beauties. That's right - to make things a little more feasible for every one's lifestyle (not to mention waistline), we will be starting to cook/bake out of a new cookbook titled Bite Me.

Not only is there a change in cookbooks, there is also a change in how often Baking Beauties will be required to complete each recipe. Instead of the ambitious "once a week" rule, a Baking Beauty will only be required to complete one recipe every other week. I guess we realized that people have busy lives and we don't want to deter people from joining in the fun by setting unrealistic expectations.

So, that's it then... for now. I will post a couple of recipes for us to bake from our original book of choice until we move on to our next venture.

Get your whisks ready ladies!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Recipes

Hey Guys,

So, I am sorry for posting this week's recipe late in the week again. I had good intentions of posting a long list. In fact, Misty and I drew up a long list a few weeks ago. Ask me where that list is now? I have no idea... which is my reason for the short notice recipe.
However, Misty and I will be making up a new list of upcoming recipes that I pinky swear not to lose.
I was very selfish in choosing something easy this week as I must devote all of my energy into making my nephew a cake for his birthday party. How can you say no to the most adorable three year old ever? You can't.
So, stay tuned for at least a month's worth of upcoming recipes, so you can plan accordingly.

Until then... happy baking!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Apologies

I am so sorry for posting the upcoming recipes so late. Please excuse my grovelling, but I have been sick over the last week and a bit. I am surprised I have been surviving through the work week!
Nevertheless, I have posted the recipes for the next three weeks, with more to come soon.

Thanks so much for understanding.

...and until next time,

Happy Baking!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Warm Welcome

All of the Baking Beauties would like to send out a warm welcome to our newest member: Jennie from Tuffet.
Check out her blog!

Also, this week's recipe (French Apple Tart) is a must-do! It's simple and extrodinary (with a dollop of whipped cream of course!). I really recommend all of the Baking Beauties attempt it.

Until next time,

Happy Baking!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Giveaway from Grosgrain!

Grace Miller has agreed to do a guest giveaway for Grosgrain! She is offering the Kline necklace featured above.

Seriously elegant. Wood rings in the quiet hues of the woods at dusk are hand wired with constrasting copper wire and hung from slim jeweler's silk. Sterling silver clasp. I want it!!! Please let me win!!!