Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome Beauties...

Lick the Spoon, along with her best pal MmmmGinger decided to challenge themselves this year by mastering the world of baking. We have decided to conquer the queen herself, Julia Child. "Baking with Julia" covers all things sweet and savoury, and so shall we over the next 250 recipes.

Each week we will complete one recipe from her classic baking bible, and post the results on our food dedicated blogs.

The rules are short and sweet (like us!):
* You must own the book "Baking with Julia" or borrow it from your local public library.
* You must participate in at least TWO out of every FOUR weeks. If you will be unable to participate twice during a month, you must let us know.
* You must post your results on Sunday.
* You must have a blog to post your baking adventures. If you want to just follow along with us, that's fine too; you just won't be an official "Baking Beauty."

If you are interested in joining, contact either of us with your info. We'll need your blog name, URL address and email address.

Bake on, my Beauties!!!
Lick the Spoon - ms_cbraun@yahoo.com
MmmmGinger - misty.lavoie@gmail.com


  1. I made the first step. I ordered the book!

  2. Way to go Jess!
    I totally thought this would be something that you would like to do.
    Now, do you have a blog to post your results on?

  3. My book is in at the library. When are we starting? :)

  4. Yep, I've got my blog ready...still waiting for the book to come in.